Matrimonial and Family Law

Family matters require sensitivity and expertise. Our Matrimonial and Family Law team is here to support and guide you through life's most personal challenges.

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Practice Areas

Divorce proceedings and settlements

The end of a marriage is a challenging and emotional time. We advocate for your interests, ensuring a fair division of assets, alimony considerations, and a smooth transition. Our team approaches each case with compassion, understanding that every family's situation is unique.

Child custody and support arrangements

The well-being of children is always a priority. Our team works diligently to ensure they receive the support they need and are placed in nurturing environments. We navigate the complexities of custody battles, always keeping the child's best interests at heart.

Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements

Marriage is not just a union of hearts but also of assets. Secure your assets and clarify expectations before and during marriage with clear and enforceable agreements. Our team ensures that these agreements are fair, transparent, and stand up in court.

Domestic violence and order of protection cases

Safety and well-being are paramount. We provide compassionate support and robust representation for victims of domestic violence, ensuring their safety and legal rights are upheld. From obtaining restraining orders to navigating the legal aftermath of abuse, we stand by our clients every step of the way.

Adoption and guardianship

Growing your family is a joyous occasion, but it comes with legal intricacies. We guide prospective parents through the adoption process, ensuring all legal requirements are met, and the transition is smooth. For guardianship cases, we ensure that children are placed in caring and suitable environments.

Consultations available in English or Spanish

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